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Children's point drill stickers diy masonry embroidery crystal decorative painting stickers handmade paper prints

Place of Origin:CHINA
Model Number:XTGY-ZBH

● Small easel / children's diamond painting
● Decoration/can train children's faith.

Minimum Order Quantity:30 PCS
Packaging Details:OPP pack, can specify product Packaging according to customer's request
Delivery Time:15 working days, depending on the product
Payment Terms:Deposit 30% / stern model to account after deliveryVISA/MasterCard/China UnionPay/PAYPAL/AliPay
Supply Ability:a spot, can be wholesale and customizable

● It is an art gift box for creative art to cultivate children's art cells. Art is an art window for children to make their DIY process interesting and create freely.Creatively added the bracket design so that the work can be placed in a variety of decoration position after completion.Easy to learn, zero foundation also do not worry, with children together, let children's works add a color for the home. Rest assured material, materials exquisite, no smell, a variety of gameplay tailored for children.Hd printing, children point drilling more clear goal, make DIY process easier.



● Pendant decoration on a balcony or in a room
● Children and craft classes in schools
● Gifts between friends and lovers on birthdays/holidays

Technical parameter
Length * width parameter (unit: cm cm)Artboard 15×10×0.25.Tripod 8.5×15×0.8.
Package contentPoint drill artboard. Triangle bracket, spot drill kit , spot drill tool
Competitive Advantage

● Better materials, better materials
● Better quality printing, clear and bright color is no eye trouble
● More beautiful styles, multi-purpose sizes for a wider range of applications
● Shinier diamonds, faceted diamonds, shinier and more durable
● Same quality, lower price

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