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Diamond painting storage box finishing box full of diamonds 5d special-shaped diamond stickers diy handmade manufacturers wholesale diamond stickers

Place of Origin:CHINA
Model Number:XTGY-SNX

● Storage box/folding storage/folding box
● Decoration/can train children's faith./desktop storage

Minimum Order Quantity:30 PCS
Packaging Details:OPP pack, can specify product Packaging according to customer's request
Delivery Time:15 working days, depending on the product
Payment Terms:Deposit 30% / stern model to account after deliveryVISA/MasterCard/China UnionPay/PAYPAL/AliPay
Supply Ability:a spot, can be wholesale and customizable

● Folding style storage box,it can be folded up when not in use, innovative multi-dimensional storage design, do not occupy space, make full use of storage space. Open a box simply when using, receive capacity is big, put in the study sitting room is good for collocation. It is a home helper, a blessing for lazy people, whether it is packing toys or books, it's easy to put away clutter. We choose material carefully just to give you a better storage feeling.



● Pendant decoration on a balcony or in a room
● Children and craft classes in schools
● Gifts between friends and lovers on birthdays/holidays

Technical parameter
Length * width parameter (unit: cm cm)11*11*11Customized size according to customer requirements
Package contentBox body, drill bag, spot drill kit
Competitive Advantage

● Better materials, better materials
● Better quality printing, clear and bright color is no eye trouble
● More beautiful styles, multi-purpose sizes for a wider range of applications
● Shinier diamonds, faceted diamonds, shinier and more durable
● Same quality, lower price

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