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How to choose a DIY diamond painting manufacturer?

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The introduction of DIY diamond painting The diamond painting brings together the current popular DIY concept and the most fashionable flash diamond concept, so that it can attract great attention in a short period of time, and is popular in the north and south of the country.

Introduction to DIY Diamond Painting
Diamond painting is very popular everywhere. I believe that many people have heard of it, but they do not understand what diamond painting is. Today, I will tell you what diamond painting is! Diamond painting is an organic combination of exquisite and shining artificial crystal flat-bottomed round diamonds with well-designed patterns. The painter only needs to stick the diamonds extracted by the point drilling tool to the corresponding color points on the canvas, so that the After completing the pasting of a diamond, you can get started in a few minutes, and then slowly fill in each color area. A 40CM*40CM diamond painting can be completed in about 2 hours. Diamond painting, it enables children from 5 years old to 70 years old to make amazing diamond paintings and enjoy the endless fun of the production process. Consumers get not only the experience of real art, but also the fun of DIY. Today, we are with you all to spread art and share happiness. Through diamond painting, you can make a diamond painting that will amaze you.

Which brand of diamond painting is good
The quality of the diamond painting brand is not absolute. It is recommended that you compare the finished painting samples with the diamonds and then you will know. As long as you are professional enough, you can see the effect of the painting from the base map. Every good product produced by Xingtao Diamond Painting must have a harmonious color scheme, the overall tone of the picture is uniform, the product is realistic, and the three-dimensional sense is super strong. Xingtao diamond painting, you can find out!

How to distinguish the quality of DIY diamond painting
Years of experience in making rhinestones and diamond painting today, summed up the way to distinguish the brand and quality of diamond painting, mainly in the following 8 points: 1. Look at the base cloth, the base cloth is preferably oil canvas, not easy to get dust, waterproof, The adhesion to the primer is strong; the flannel is easy to get dirty, and the adhesion to the primer is poor. 2. Look at the authenticity of the rhinestones. Now many brands of diamond paintings use plastic rhinestones to save costs (that is, they look colorful), and the color will fade after a period of time. Those are fake rhinestones, and real rhinestones are transparent. Shiny, like a crystal that never fades. 3. Depending on the size of the rhinestone, the size of the rhinestone should also depend on the size of the rhinestone. The size of the rhinestone is like the resolution of a mobile phone. The processing cost of a large drill is low and the price is low, but the resolution will also become lower, and the effect will be poor when viewed close-up, so Be sure to choose small rhinestones. 4. Looking at the color matching transition, a really good brand is to invite well-known domestic painters to design the color matching. The color matching transition will be very natural, so there will be many corresponding color matching; using the same style to compare different brands, the effect of more color matching must be good, poor The brand is synthesized by computer, so the color will be less, and the color transition will not be coordinated. 5. Look at the service, a good brand needs brand building, so the service attitude must be very good, and a good brand pays great attention to quality, so generally as long as you say that there is a problem with the quality, it will give you 100% return and exchange, and will tell you a lot. I'm sorry; so if you take it back and the other party doesn't give it back, then you must have bought a copycat brand. 6. Looking at the price, this is easy to understand. A good brand has relatively high costs in terms of design, quality, raw materials, services, etc., so the price will be relatively high. Of course, we must first compare the effects. 7. Smell, bad brands will have a heavy glue smell even after a month, while good brands only have a slight smell when they are first opened, and then disappear.
The wholesale price of diy diamond paintings is not very determined. Each manufacturer has its own set. The diamond paintings of Xingtao craftsmanship are good, the wholesale price is relatively reasonable, and the quality is also good.