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How to make diamond painting?

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Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond painting, is a combination of exquisite and shining artificial crystal flat-bottomed round diamonds (some square diamonds) and well-designed patterns organically combined by diamond painting designers. The diamond is glued to the corresponding symbol on the canvas, so that the pasting of a diamond is completed, and then slowly fill in the area corresponding to each symbol, and it can be officially started in a few minutes. Now let's learn how to make a diamond painting.

Fun Diamond Painting includes kit:
1. AAA grade crystal diamond
2. Bottom cloth
3. Special point drill pen for diamond painting
4. Special disk for spot drilling
5. Outer packing box

1. Take out the box, disassemble it, and take out the following kits. (Crystal diamond, point drill pen, point drill disc, diamond canvas)
2. Lay the canvas on the table and remove the sticker on the canvas. You can see a pattern with a circle printed on it.
3. Pour the selected diamonds into the gift bowl.
4. Sharpen the point drill pen with a knife. Be careful not to sharpen the pen too sharply.
5. According to the corresponding symbol of the base fabric, use the corresponding drill to go to the point.

1. Point drilling
Use a drill pen to lightly point the diamond (do not use too much force, so as not to break the pen core), and then find the diamond of the corresponding color in the pattern, and you can start DIY your own diamond painting.
Don't be frightened by the full circle pattern at the beginning, you just follow the color order of the circle one by one, and you will understand the skills and fun of point drilling.
2. Check
After clicking each place, check if there is any missing or wrong color, and then continue to click on the second place until the whole picture is completed.
3. Reinforcement
After all the points are finished, a beautiful diamond painting will be displayed in front of you. You can choose to press and reinforce it with books and small wooden boards. Large diamond paintings can be reinforced by pressing on the back with an iron (crystal diamonds are generally 150°C for 20 seconds). Can).
4. Frame
Get a professional framing place for framing.
5.The perfect work of drilling fun diamond painting comes out