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Tutorial on how to draw diamonds

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Operation method

First of all, we need to prepare the necessary things for the construction of diamond painting, small tweezers, point drill pen, point drill disk, as for the master using tweezers or point drill pen, this is all up to personal preference
We tore off the dustproof cloth on the surface of the diamond painting, be careful not to tear it all off, because the surface of the canvas has self-adhesive, if we tear off all the dustproof cloth, and it is difficult to complete the whole construction in a short time, the canvas will be It will be contaminated with dust, which will make our painting a big discount as the result.
We will find that there are various numbers on the canvas at the moment, and these numbers will guide us to complete the painting, which is very important. Next, we will use the number "0" as an example to explain the operation steps for the master.
Then we can find the diamond number corresponding to "0" on the right side of the canvas, that is to say, we need to fill the area numbered "0" with diamonds of the corresponding serial number. Here, we need to remind the master that the selection of diamonds is based on the serial number. , and the serial number corresponds to the number on the canvas, so never use the number on the canvas as the basis for selecting diamonds. For example, the number on the canvas is "6", and the corresponding diamond serial number is "2". Then we need to A "2" diamond was used, not a "6".
Then all we need to do is look for diamonds and find the "760" diamond corresponding to "0" among all the diamonds we will use. The "760" diamond is what we need to use. Remember not to choose the wrong one, you must choose carefully.
Pour the diamonds into the spotting plate, here is a little trick to teach the master, that is, after pouring the diamonds into the spotting plate, you can shake it a few times, and the diamonds will be lined up obediently, and they will all be turned upside down. , to facilitate our operation.
The next step is to point the drill. Use tweezers to press the diamond on the corresponding position of the canvas, and repeat the above operation every time an area is pasted. As long as we do not mistake the corresponding diamond number on the canvas, then we can quickly finish it as one. A diamond painting.
After pasting, we can find some heavier tools to compress the whole painting to ensure that the diamonds will not fall off, and then we can take it for mounting, a gorgeous diamond painting is finished, and it is easy to get started. It's not too difficult to operate, let's stick together quickly.