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Framed diamond painting luminous LED lights shaped full of diamonds Korea coupang bead embroidery cross stitch diamond stickers

Place of Origin:CHINA
Model Number:XTGY-FGKH

● Decorative painting/decorative oil painting/hanging painting
● Decorate
● 30*40/40*50cm

Minimum Order Quantity:30 PCS
Packaging Details:color box pack, can specify product Packaging according to customer's request
Delivery Time:15 working days, depending on the product
Payment Terms:Deposit 30% / stern model to account after deliveryVISA/MasterCard/China UnionPay/PAYPAL/AliPay
Supply Ability:a spot, can be wholesale and customizable

● Hd canvas, EPSON art printing, fine color, solid wood frame hand-polished inspection, no burr and no hand cutting. On the basis of the conventional frame painting, the back of the LED light emitting device (AA battery power) can present a completely different visual enjoyment at night. Through the idiosyncratic material sends out gorgeous light, can also provide beautiful decorative effect in the evening.Explore the new life decoration aesthetics, fashion soft clothing designers love to recommend, for life, decoration presents a beautiful. A piece of painting can improve the level of home, feel art feel beauty.



● Pendant decoration on a balcony or in a room
● Children and craft classes in schools
● Gifts between friends and lovers on birthdays/holidays

Technical parameter
Length * width parameter (unit: cm cm)30*40/40*50Customized size according to customer requirements
WeightVarious weight specifications
packagingcolor box
Package contentDrill package point drill kit, instruction manual. wooden frame, canvas
Competitive Advantage

● Better materials, better materials
● Better quality printing, clear and bright color is no eye trouble
● More beautiful styles, multi-purpose sizes for a wider range of applications
● Shinier diamonds, faceted diamonds, shinier and more durable
● Same quality, lower price

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